After builders cleaning can be rather challenging

Industrial CleaningDeciding to renovate or build is always extremely exciting until one starts having to deal with construction crews and contractors. This is normally when the excitement starts to fizzle out and once the project is completed that is when one will really want to simply run away. Building crews are notorious for leaving behind a huge mess; even during construction they traipse dirt, paint and dust throughout ones home or new flooring. It may not necessarily be done on purpose but unfortunately it comes with the territory and thus is would be wise to call Tenancy Cleans on 020 3397 3275 and book after builder cleaning crews to assist in getting the new area clean.

Professional builders and people who have been through a building project will all agree that no one should ever sign off on a build until they have had the newly constructed area cleaned by an experienced cleaning crew. This is due to the fact that once areas have been cleaned any sections of the build that may have been poorly painted or plastered can be clearly seen. When called out to after builders cleaning jobs, crews will use specialized product to remove paint splatters and any other dirt. Most times though the worst element of builds are the vast amounts of fine dust that seems to settle on absolutely everything.

In order to deal with these fine dust particles the cleaning crews use special powerful vacuum cleaners to suction every inch of the floors, walls and ceilings. In fact many builders actually advise their clients to call in our cleaners to do this procedure prior to starting to paint the surfaces. When time is taken to remove the dust at this stage of the build it ensure that when paint is applied especially light colors it is not affected by this dust. It may still be necessary though to repeat this process after the entire construction crew has left.

Another aspect of building that can be a huge problem is the rubble that one is left with; getting in crews to remove this can be a costly procedure. After builders cleaning is also best left to crews who have been trained to carry out these tasks; many construction crews do offer to do cleaning but this mainly involves the removal of building rubble. Plus one will need to bear in mind that utilizing our crews will certainly be much more expensive than hiring a specialist cleaning agency instead.

After Renovation CleaningAdditionally, our crews will use products that will neutralize any strong paint fumes and when called in one can be certain that the area will be ready for use as soon as we leave. When looking at commercial builds time is normally of the essence as strict deadlines may be in place. Going over the specified timeframe could cost one thousands of extra money; due to this fact most agencies have crews on standby that can come out to the new property within a short period of time. Naturally, if required to clean up after a large block of apartments or offices have been built, it will be necessary to send in several crews. However, this is just part of the industry and our firm is prepared for these cases.

Using after builders cleaning services from Tenancy Cleans, by calling 020 3397 3275 means that one can get tenants into building relatively quickly and thus start recouping costs. It is suggested that people make sure that the company they hire has the necessary experience and skill to adequately carry out the task on hand. In most cases, one will find that cleaning agencies specialize in certain types of cleaning services; however we offer everything under one roof.

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