Give Your Bathroom in Finchley A Deep Clean

Posted on 05/11/2014

The bathroom is the one place besides your living room that guests are likely to visit in your house in Finchley. It is also notorious for getting dirty very quickly, mostly because of the traffic it gets. With some simples home cleaning supplies and a smart strategy at hand, you can give your bathroom a look as good as a professional cleaner would. Make the following tips a part of your house cleaning routine so that when people ask you if they can use your bathroom, you don’t have to panic that you might come across as a dirty slob.

1.    Gear up
Remember to wear gloves before you begin to clean the bathroom. If you are using chemical cleaners, you might also want to wear a mask so that you don’t breathe in the fumes. Leave the door of the bathroom open or switch on the exhaust so that the fumes can get out.

2.    Treat the toilet first
Begin your cleaning routine in youe home in Finchley, N12 at the toilet as this needs the most attention. Pour some bleach or toilet cleaner into the bowl, on the sides and under the rim and leave it to work while you do something else.

3.    Clean the shower head
If your showerhead is covered in limescale and soap scum, take a plastic bag, pour some vinegar in it and wrap it around the mouth of your shower head. Leave it on for some time while you clean the rest of the shower area.

4.    Scrub the shower and tub
Rinse the tub or shower area and sprinkle some baking soda over the surface. Scrub it with a brush and follow up by wiping it down with vinegar. Baking soda is a good abrasive and helps get rid of stains and mildew, whereas vinegar is an effective disinfectant. For stubborn stains, you can use chemical house cleaning supplies for more effective results. Take out the drain disposer and clean out any hair or soap scum clogging the drain. In the end, rinse everything, including the showerhead, with water.

5.    Arrange your supplies
If more than one person uses your bathroom, things are likely to be in disarray. Spend a few minutes in organizing your toiletries and throw away what you don’t need. Replace the supply of toilet paper and bath towels and refill the fragrance dispenser.

6.    Shine it up
Pour some baking soda and vinegar in your sink and leave it there for some time. Put some vinegar (or any antibacterial) solution in a spray bottle and spritz the solution on a piece of paper towel or microfiber cloth. Use this to disinfect and wipe away paste-spatter and soap drips from all the surfaces in your bathroom – shelves, mirrors, faucets, taps, counter tops, toilet tank and all over the seat.

7.    Clean the sink
Pour some baking soda and vinegar mix on the sides of your sink and scrub till they are stain-free and shining. Rinse and wipe the sink and faucet with a paper towel. This would also be a good time to scrub the toilet bowl and flush it.

8.    Clean the floor and walls
After you are done removing rubbish from everywhere in the bathroom, wipe down the walls, sweep the dust and hair off the floors and then mop them with a disinfectant solution. If the dirt has accumulated between the tiles, use some baking powder and a tooth brush to scrub them away.

When you are satisfied that you have done as good a job as any domestic cleaning service in Finchley, end the task by taking down the shower curtain and floor mats and putting them in a wash cycle.

Lee Stephenson
Lee Stephenson

With his expertise in cleaning, Lee is capable of removing dirt and a variety of stains in an Eco-friendly manner. His informative articles have helped thousands of individuals maintain a clean and hygienic home.