How To Take Care Of After Builders Cleaning in Harringay

13Mar 2015

Cleaning up a mess left over from building work is a nightmare to have to deal with. Your builders should have cleaned up most of the rubbish, but no matter what you’re having done, there’ll always be a little something left over in your home in Harringay for you to have to take care of.  Whether it’s some rubble that has found its way around your house, or it’s the dust that has caked everything within your four walls, you should definitely be prepared to do some after builders cleaning.

1.    Get plenty of supplies and be prepared to clean the whole house.
Although the building work may have taken place in one or two rooms in your house in Harringay, N4, and although you may have given your best efforts in sectioning off this area from the rest of the house, it’s inevitable that dust and bits of debris will find their way elsewhere.  This can be a real pain to have to deal with, but if you’ve thought of this in advance and have closed doors and covered furniture, your workload will be greatly reduced.  However, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you’ll still have to do some type of house cleaning in order to eliminate all the remnants of the building work in your home.

2.    Get out the bin bags.
First things first, take a walk around your house from room to room, picking up any large and obvious bits of rubbish as you go. When you’re done, hang a rubbish bag on the door handle at the entrance of every room, so if anything else catches your eye whilst you’re cleaning, it can be easily disposed of rather than just being chucked into the corner.

3.    Dust every surface!
One of the main problems with building work, in a house or any enclosed space for that matter, is dust. Dust travels, and no matter what preventative measures you may have put in place to try and reduce the amount of spreading, there will always be some dust that will find its way into the unlikeliest places in your house.  So when home cleaning, make sure that you get yourself plenty of soft microfiber cloths, and a dusting agent would be handy to.  Dust will find its way onto every surface, so make sure you work your way from room to room, and systematically get rid of all the dust, starting high and working your way down to the floor.  Don’t forget to clean your walls, and if you can, the ceiling too. Get an extendable duster for the ceiling and wipe down the entire surface. For your walls, dampen a soft microfiber cloth with some warm water and gently wipe the dust away. Water acts as a great form of adhesive for getting rid of dust, and can also be used when hard floor cleaning. If your floors are particularly dusty, consider using a dusting agent instead, and then mop your floors for a fantastic finish.

4.    Vacuum.
Make the rounds with your vacuum cleaner, and clean all your carpets and floors. Don’t forget to make use of the various attachments which can also be used to clean upholstery.  

5.    Get some extra help.
Depending on the amount of work that you’ve had done in your house in Harringay and the amount of builders cleaning that you have to take care of, why not consider hiring some extra help? Call up a cleaning company, book one of their cleaning services and let their team of professional cleaners take care of all the messy work and get your house clean so that you don’t have to.

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