Simple Tricks for Cleaning Your Office Space in Enfield

Posted on 23/06/2015

Do some office cleaning in Enfield to help ensure that you get maximum productivity out of your working day.  Although you may not necessarily think it, working in a clean, neat and tidy office space can really help you concentrate, so that you spend less time thinking about trivial things and more time focusing on your business. Therefore, it’s well worth spending a little bit of time every so often to ensure your office is clean and in a good state. It doesn’t have to be a laborious task that takes you hours and hours to complete; a little bit here and there will do the trick and will give you fantastic results. However small or large your office may be, there are always things that you can do to make it into and maintain it as a smart, professional looking place of business.

1.    Plan.
Much like a business project, plan what you want to achieve so that you can put the appropriate measures in place to put your plan into action and get your office in Enfield, EN2 cleaned. Making a checklist is always a good idea, as being a busy office worker, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have enough time to tackle everything in one go. Split the job up into manageable chunks and begin ticking tasks off your list as and when you complete them. Do the toughest and most time-consuming jobs first, so that as you work your way through your list, the workload will gradually reduce, making it less likely for you to get fed up halfway through and want to pack it in.

2.    Organise and de-clutter.
Before you even pick up a broom or brush, go through everything in your office in EN1 and think if you could do without certain items. For those items you feel you no longer need, chuck them away or recycle whenever possible.

3.    Store documents and files electronically.
Do away with large ugly filing cabinets and piles of folders and documents on your desk and begin to store everything electronically. This will not only save space but will ensure that they are easily accessible, as opposed to thumbing endlessly through folders looking for a tiny piece of paper. Convert existing documents into electronic documents and then put your paper files into a shredder and recycle.

4.    Keep communal areas looking presentable.
Kitchen cleaning is one task that tends to get neglected in an office clean in Enfield but one that needs to be tackled all the same. Problem areas in the kitchen such as the oven, microwave and fridge can be cleaned using a simple baking soda-water paste. Apply the paste to the interior of your kitchen appliance, leave to thicken and cake the surface, then spray with white vinegar and peel away. Food preparation surfaces can be cleaned using antibacterial sprays and similar type cleaners.  Avoid using anything strong, such as bleach, in the kitchen.

5.    Clean the waiting room.
Imagine that a potential client of yours is wondering into your office building in the EN2 area for the first time. Think about where they’ll be waiting, the path they’ll walk to your office and what they’ll see along the way. Therefore, it’s vitally important you ensure these areas are in tip-top shape, so that you don’t give off a bad first impression.

6.    Dust.
Get an extendable duster and dust everything from the ceiling to the floor. Use a soft microfiber cloth to dust the walls, then vacuum the floor once finished.

7.    Hire the services of a cleaning company.
Save some time and book some professional cleaners to get the job done for you.

Lee Stephenson
Lee Stephenson

With his expertise in cleaning, Lee is capable of removing dirt and a variety of stains in an Eco-friendly manner. His informative articles have helped thousands of individuals maintain a clean and hygienic home.