Stainless Steel Appliances and How to Clean Them

10 May 2016

Stainless steel appliances are a great addition to one’s home, but you should always make sure to wash them properly. With proper maintenance, stainless steel can stay “young” for a very long time and it will never get that “old” look appliances made from other materials get.
So, next time when you go through your home cleaning, make sure that you include your stainless steel appliances on your house cleaning chores as well. Even more, make sure you go through the appliance domestic cleaning the right way so that you can maintain them good looking and properly functional. If you want to find out more about this from professional cleaning contractors, read on and keep in mind the following tips:
•    There are a lot of cleaners you can use when cleaning appliances but the most important thing is that you make sure that they are suitable for stainless steel surfaces. Otherwise, you might scratch the surface of your stainless steel appliances and you might also cause them to lose their shine.
•    Even more than that, professional cleaners frequently contain ingredients that help protecting the shine of the stainless steel. Also, there are certain homemade products you can use in order to polish the stainless steel as well.
•    Another very important thing when it comes to cleaning stainless steel is to make sure that you use the right cloth. It may not be a great idea to use a simple white cloth and it is definitely not a good idea to use anything abrasive. Microfiber cloths are the best tool for this kind of task – but even then, you might have to test out different brands to see which one works best with your particular type of stainless steel appliances because they can differ a lot from one another.
•    One of the most efficient products you can use to clean stainless steel surfaces is something you actually have at home: white vinegar (yes, it can be used for this kind of job too). Simply dampen your cloth in a bit of vinegar and wipe the surfaces.
•    Aside from that, there are also a lot of products created especially for stainless steel surfaces and you can find them at relatively affordable prices in the supermarket. It is best to invest in something that doesn’t contain a lot of toxic ingredients (preferably a product that is as natural as possible). It will cost a bit more, but it will be worth it too.
•    Olive oil can also work great when it comes to cleaning this type of surfaces and it also helps with the polish too. Simply use a bit of olive oil on your microfiber cloth and wipe the surfaces you want to clean out. Baby oil has the same effect too!
•    Club soda is great for stainless steel surfaces too. Simply spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth.
•    Window spray is great because it doesn’t leave traces and for some people it works wonderfully . Try it out as well and see if it fits your particular appliances. It is more than worth it especially since you may not have to buy a separate product this way.
•    When trying out products to see if they work well with your stainless steel surfaces, make sure you test them out on a small, hidden spot first. This way you will see if they leave traces, if they are efficient as cleaners and if they don’t damage the surface.
•    Extra tip: when wiping your stainless steel surfaces (regardless of what product you use), make sure you wipe in the direction of the grain of your stainless steel. This way, you will remove the dirt that sometimes gets caught in there and your appliances will look even more polished.

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