Top 10 Tips for Clean Windows in Kentish Town

29Apr 2015

Windows make homes in Kentish Town look lively, bright and welcoming. So many memories are built sitting by a window. Rain, sun or snow the windows bear it all. Since they are so versatile, their cleaning needs to be well thought of as well. Here are the top 10 tips for window cleaning:

1.    Clean and correct tools/gadgets – Domestic cleaning in the NW5 area needs various tools. Keep clean sponges, cleaning agents, dusters, mops, etc. handy while planning to start the cleaning. Fresh soapy water can do wonders to the cleaning process. Microfiber cloth catches the dust and dirt beautifully. Wear waterproof clothes and be careful with your hands.

2.    Selection of detergents – The principle of “safe of hands and easy on the surface” works for this part too. Stronger detergents will make you wash and re-wash the windows in Kentish Town. They may also leave marks.

3.    Windowsills must not be ignored – After a long and tiring session of cleaning a window in the NW1 region, one may be tempted to do the sills another time. Always try to finish the window from top to bottom in one go, otherwise the dust from one area will keep falling on the other.

4.    Squeaky nuts and bolts – The water and cleaning detergents may cause the screws of the windows to rust a bit. Make sure you use the proper quality in the first place. Keep them well oiled and squeak free. Use a blower to remove the dust/dirt around the hinges.

5.    Invest in a glass cleaner – There is a variety of glass cleaners available in the market today. Buy the one that feels easy to use in your hand. Be sure that the blade is of a good quality.

6.    Don’t clean when the sun is facing the window – There are two catches to this one: you will not be able to see properly because of the reflection and there will be uneven streaks because water will dry quickly.

7.    Make a decision between quality and speed – Pacing the cleaning activity shall give you time to strive for quality work in Kentish Town. Since you are not going do this continually week on week you might as well allocate sufficiently spaced time for it.

8.    Watch that weather – On a windy day, clean in the direction of the wind in the NW5. While on a cloudy day, skip the cleaning altogether. We don’t want streaks on the windows.

9.    Liberal use of water – Make sure you splash enough water to catch any soap that might be escaping. However, mind the gap between flooding your home and cleaning the window.

10.    Hire professionals – To save yourself the exercise, hire professional cleaners. The cleaners are aware of the right tools, effective schedules and detergents. They may even setup a calendar for your needs based on seasons. Settle for the price that fits your requirements and pocket. You may also request for a trial session where they will sample clean a portion of your window. A lot of window cleaners may also offer other services like garden maintenance, domestic cleaning, etc. It is an association that can last long with happy results.

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