Knowing How to Maintain One’s Carpets is Important, but Using Expert Carpet Cleaners is a far Simpler Solution

When one mentions anything to do with carpets a resounding echo will be that several people have simply decided to remove them as they could not keep them clean. This is quite a shame when one considers how wonderful it is to feel these soft carpet fibers under ones feet, especially during colder winter months. But there are those few brave souls out there who diligently vacuum their carpets 2-3 times a week in an attempt to keep them looking good. There are even those who hire a DIY carpet shampooer to use over a weekend or on their day off in order to try and save costs. Truth be told though, sometimes using these machines could actually cause more damage or even end up staining areas of one’s carpet, so rather than taking a risk, call Tenancy Cleans on 020 3397 3275.

Carpet CleanersIf one were to look at the fibers of a carpet under a microscope they will realize why rather calling on professional carpet cleaners that know how to safely clean ones carpeting is essential. Experts suggest that having ones carpets steam cleaned and treated with special antibacterial products should be done at least once every three months. But the most important aspect of our services is that carpets should be subject to powerful vacuuming at least once a month. Here is where professional carpet cleaners offer a vital service.

When hired they will follow a unique step-by-step procedure to make sure carpeting is safely and adequately cleaned. Before they apply any products, our cleaners will first use high powered industrial vacuum cleaners to suction dirt from deep within the pile of the carpet. This is probably the most important part of the whole clean-up procedure as if any liquids were to be added to the carpets before this it would result in ugly stains appearing. Additionally, these tiny dust particles build up over time and cause a type of gritty substance that when walked on actually flattens and damages the carpet’s pile.

The next step is to pre-treatment any existing stains with specialized products to ensure that they are eliminated. After this, our carpet cleaners will start the final phase of the cleaning. Techniques used do differ according to each company and experienced firms will additionally only use cleaning products and procedures that suit the type of carpet. Moreover, all the products used are environmentally safe; plus they do not use harsh chemicals that will damage the carpeting.

Office Carpet CleanersBut the absolute bonus is that when one has had carpet cleaners in, it will not only leave a person with gorgeously clean carpets but also fill ones home with a gorgeous fresh aroma. Setting up an appointment is easy as we work flexible hours to make certain that they are able to accommodate everyone. The fact that one does not have to set up appointments, months in advance, is also an added bonus as any carpet cleaning emergencies can be dealt with on short notice. This often suits parents with small children or new pets in their home.

Besides providing services for domestic clients who call Tenancy Cleans on 020 3397 3275 will find that we are also able to go out to business premises after hours to get carpets looking spotlessly clean and also to eliminate any bacteria. All staff members are competently trained to carry out the required tasks; moreover they are efficient in working the industrial machinery. Plus, each member of the team will be dressed in a presentable uniform to make sure that a level of professionalism is maintained at all times. For more information on the different methods of carpet cleaning one can get details from a local cleaner in their area, like us, or simply do an online search.