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Affordable Residential and Commercial Sanitising Services

Cleaning Services in London Tenancy Cleans is dedicated to providing outstanding sanitising services in the London area. With viruses so easily spread via contact with people and surfaces, ensuring your home and workplace are protected is paramount. Our teams are created by employing qualified and skilled professionals, who have been trained to use specialist equipment to sanitise interiors. You can rely on our operatives to conduct a safe, efficient and thorough cleaning regime in your home that can help to protect your family against viruses and bacteria. Everyday cleaning may not be enough to successfully treat any infected areas, which is why it is advisable to use a company that is proficient in this specific type of sanitisation.

We offer our services to residents, landlords, and businesses so that they can take advantage of our expertise. Each technician knows how to treat areas such as surfaces and furniture in a safe yet thorough manner using specific materials and equipment. If you are a food business, you will already be aware of the importance of cleanliness for the sake of your business and the good of your customers. Keeping viruses at bay can be difficult, but with our help, you can ensure that you have taken precautions to protect yourself and customers from any potentially harmful viruses. To book an appointment for your workplace, get in touch via our website or by calling to speak with one of our team.

Your home may be considered your escape from the outside world, but it could be harbouring many different types of bacteria without you even being aware. Each time you venture outside or come into contact with people you could be bringing back viruses into your home. Taking precautions such as washing your hands as soon as you return to your home and distancing yourself from ill people are certainly ways to minimise contact with a virus, but it may not be enough. We can disinfect your entire home or just certain areas, giving you the peace of mind you need to consider your home a safe place to retreat.

Our operatives are experienced in both residential and commercial disinfection cleaning. Offices can often be extremely unhealthy places to be, especially if there is not an efficient cleaning regime in place. Computers, laptops, telephones, desks and headphones can all present as places germs love to lurk, spreading illnesses throughout the workplace. Despite being harmful to your employees, this spread of illness is also harmful to your business. Prevent employees needing to take time off because of preventable illnesses by hiring our team to disinfect your office appropriately and efficiently. Call us for an obligation-free quotation and see just how affordable it can be to protect your staff.

London Cleaners ServicesWe use safe products that allow families to relax in their own homes once our teams have finished disinfecting all appropriate areas. You will be relieved to learn that the powerful substances we use are not toxic and are safe to use around animals and children. It is the combination of certified products, specific equipment and tried and tested techniques that result in an outstanding service from our operatives each and every time. To take advantage of our expertise and low prices, book an appointment for your home or office today. For further information about any of our services or products, contact our friendly customer care team on 020 3397 3275.