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South East London Building CleaningThere are so many little tricks that people use to help them clean their home or office. There are also many home remedies that have been alive for centuries let alone decades that are still being used to help make cleaning faster and more effective. You may have a few tricks up your own sleeve that you use to clean your own home or office with. However, not many people in this day and age have the time to do their own cleaning and are often not aware of the little tricks of the trade. For example, did you know that you can use a lemon to freshen up your house (as an air freshener) and as a limescale remover in the kettle? Well, the professional cleaners at Tenancy Cleans do, and will try their best to bring down the costs of your service by using home remedies wherever and whenever they can (if it works out cheaper than using commercial products of course). Our team will ensure that your home or office will be left fresh, clean and spotless.

Even if you are looking for a service that pays attention to a specific area rather than a whole home or office area, we are the company for you. We offer broad services such as whole home or office cleaning services and offer specific services such as ironing services, laundry services and services to clean shop floors alongside many many more. If this sounds like something you could do with, give us a call today on 020 3397 3275 and talk to one of our professional, highly skilled members of staff who will be able to help you with it all.

South East London refers to the areas with a postcode varying and ranging from SE1 to SE28. This is the sub region of London which falls in the South East. It includes areas such as Bromlet, Greenwich Bexley, Southwark and Lewisham.  This sub region has an approximated population of about 1.3 million people, which is constantly rising. Even though it is the lowest populated sub region of London, there are many things to do to make life that little more luxurious. There are many students who are studying at the University of Greenwich and wish to live closer. There are also many buildings which have architectural and historical significances, making it a very elegant sub region to live in.  The Greenland Dock is a common attraction and also has historical significance and is a common place to visit even in this day and age. There are many bars, cafes and restaurants which are just a tip of the iceberg.

South East London House CleanersIf you are looking for a cleaning company that operated in the South East of London, look no further. We are one of the oldest companies operating in this sub region and have managed to develop great relationships with all of our customers and other residents in the sub region. We are well known and we believe that this is all due to our expertise and great quality services. We can handle any job, regardless of how large or small and will always guarantee that our services are a good value for the prices that we charge. Additionally, we can handle residential and commercial contracts, which makes us very convenient for many people. Tenancy Cleans really does have it all which is why you need to call on 020 3397 3275 to arrange for our specialist team to get cracking at your home or office. You really will be surprised to see the quality of our work.