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North London Cleaning ServicesThere comes a time in anyone’s life where there just are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. There is so much to handle on a daily basis, from working a full time shift to getting home and cooking. This leaves very little time for social activities, let alone cleaning. Cleaning is time consuming and cannot be done with the blink of an eye. There are certain things to think about when you go about cleaning your home. You need to think about the type of surface that you are cleaning and how you are going to clean it i.e. are you going to be using cleaning products or home remedies etc. You may think end up neglecting the cleaning all together, which is only going to have a negative effect on both your house, and you. A neglected house can be unattractive and undesirable to live in, so do not let it get to that stage. Hire a service offered by Tenancy Cleans today and watch us transform your house into the wonderful place that it is. Getting in touch could not be easier – call now on 020 3397 3275 and get one step closer to that perfectly clean home! It really is as easy that that…

North London refers to the north of London, which is well known for many different things. For one, it is the part of London which is the closest to the River Thames, which makes it very common amongst those who love nature and beautiful sceneries. However, it also affects the cleanliness of your gardens, patio areas and driveways. If you are scratching your head wondering how the River Thames could be affecting the cleanliness of the exterior of your home, think about seagulls! North London is also very famous for fun fairs, and a more of a country life compared to central London, or West London.

Why should you hire a cleaning service? Well for one, it allows you to save some time that could be spent with family members, relatives, or just on your own. Whether you decide to go and have a walk along the river or visit a spa to get yourself a nice deep tissue massage, hiring a cleaning company will allow you to take some time out.

Cleaning Company in North LondonOur cleaning company specialises in many cleaning services offered solely in North London, making it perfect to cater to your cleaning needs. Our specialised, dedicated members of staff are trained on a regular basis to ensure that they remain professional and perfect when dealing with both interior and exterior cleaning needs. So, regardless of whether you wish to have your bedrooms cleaned or your driveway slabs jet washed, we have the service for you!


We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, and you will certainly notice how much cheaper we are than other cleaning companies. This is not because our services are less professional than others, but mainly because we constantly evaluate our prices to ensure that our customers do not pay too much. Our caring attitude that has allowed us to develop a positive relationship amongst the residents of this region.

If you would love to see a clean, fresh house without having to lift a finger yourself, speak to one of our dedicated members of staff at Tenancy Cleans and ask about the various services that we have to offer. Call right away on 020 3397 3275 and find the perfect service for you now!