When to Deep Cleaning is Required, True Experts are Priceless


Deep House CleaningEvery year at the beginning of spring or autumn the seasonal “spring cleaning” bug seems to bite everyone. Suddenly every cupboard, nook and cranny in ones home ends up needing an in-depth cleaning. Many people are wise enough to hire firms to do these seasonal deep cleaning chores. All one will really need to do is lift a finger to call Tenancy Cleans on 020 3397 3275. Tasks that will be carried out include carpet, sofa and upholstery cleaning as well as making sure every part of ones home is completely dust free.

Often times there are certain pieces of furniture that is just to heavy to move and one may not be able to get behind or underneath these items to properly clean. Cleaning crews will have the capabilities of safely moving this furniture without damaging it or the surrounding area. At times people are horrified to see what is lurking behind these precious pieces. Additionally, heirloom pieces will safely be polished with products that suit their compositions. Staff members will not scrub or use harsh abrasive products on expensive wooden furniture or floors for that matter either.

Respecting clients’ belongings is a vital element and part of the training that crews are taught to always exercise. When asked to come in and do deep cleaning crews arrive fully equipped and ready to carry out the task on hand. Moreover, the products combined with the specialized machinery all work to remove even the toughest dirt and stains. Grime will not stand a chance when faced with these advanced cleaning techniques.

Anti-bacterial properties also ensure that homes are completely germ free as well; but there will be no harsh smelling chemical odor as all the detergents are unique and leave a beautiful fresh aroma. In essence this is the sole sign that any cleaning crew was ever in ones home as we will leave all items as we found them; only much cleaner. Deep cleaning really entails detailed tasks all rolled into one appointment. When hiring our crews to do these chores, we are able to bring in an all-in-one service that covers every aspect of cleaning. This is highly beneficial as well as one will not have to set numerous appointments in order to get these chores done.

Office Deep CleansWhat’s more is that our cleaning crews will not come in and simply give surfaces a quick wipe down; instead they take their time and properly clean every area. Our experience and expertise means that we are also well prepared to face any unforeseen delays or issues that may arise while on the job. Although we spend time doing intricate detailed cleaning, we are also able to complete the given tasks in the least amount of time. For those who are on tight schedules this is essential; and crews will never arrive late or simply not show. We may be a bit early but clients have never complained about this fact so it is not considered a problem.

Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens will be concentrated on; kitchen cleaning when incorporated into the comprehensive services offered by Tenancy Cleans, is still carried out to a “t”. Kitchens surfaces are scrubbed and ovens will be stripped of every spot of grease; cooker hood filters or extractors will also be carefully cleaned. Replacing filters should be done at least every 3-6 months depending on whether it is a residential or commercial kitchen. What’s more appliances will also be tested to ensure that they are working at optimal level, if still not working correctly after being cleaned one may need to call in an appliance specialist. Once the team leaves the only thing one will have to do is enjoy the new clean surroundings. Do not delay and call us on 020 3397 3275 today!

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