Tips For Effective Hard Floor Cleaning in Croydon

Posted on 03/06/2015

Hard floor cleaning is annoying as it is a tedious task which requires a lot of time and energy. But with the help of the following tips you can perform the dull task of hard floor cleaning in Croydon easily and effectively. These tips are simple and are devised so that you save your precious time as well as energy.

1.    Know your floor – While cleaning your hard floor in the CR0 district,it is important to know the surface type and the suitable solutions. There are different types of hard floors and every type has to be taken care of differently. Hence, first know your hard floor and then clean it according to its requirements. Do not use any cleaning solution or any product without verifying its ingredients. While trying a new solution, first use it on small area, check its results and only then apply in on the entire floor.

2.    First clean then mop - Before moping your hard floor in Croydon, CR2, clean it thoroughly and neatly. Make sure that you are removing all the dust and debris and for this you can use a vacuum or a sweep. Provide special attention to corners where chances of piling up dust are high. Once you have cleared all the dust, you can then proceed to mopping the floor. Also, ensure that the mop cloth is soft as hard cloths can leave scratches on the floor. Moreover, for effective cleaning, thoroughly clean the mop first and then use it on the floor.

3.    Take care while wet cleaning – When you are cleaning your hard floor using water, proper care is necessary as water can have adverse effect on hard floor. Do not allow the water to stay on the floor for a long time as it creates stains which get embedded deeply in the floor and are difficult to remove.

4.    Be regular – This rule is vital in domestic cleaning. Be regular. Decide a time interval and clean your hard floor in CR0 regularly after this interval passes. Cleaning the floor from time to time will prevent the dust and debris from soaking into the floor and it will become easy to remove them. Plus, regular care ensures the health of your floor and keeps it shiny.

5.     Do not use heavy cleaners – There are plenty of cleaners and chemicals available, which claim to clean your hard floor in Croydon. Many people use the same cleaners which are used for home cleaning for cleaning the floor too. It is a good idea to use such products as they can enhance the results. However, such products must be used with proper care and research. Do not use heavy chemicals as they are known to cause damage to your floor. Hence, it is better to stay away from such heavy chemicals. It is best to buy the solution based on your floor type.

6.    Asking for professional help – If you are unsure of the cleaning process, then hire a professional cleaner to get the job done for you. Cleaning contractors have proper knowledge of all the cleaning processes and hence using such a service will reduce your work. You can choose an agency by looking at their reputation, experience in house cleaning, and work ethics. Look out for the most competitive bid while hiring a professional service.

Lee Stephenson
Lee Stephenson

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